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Episode 55 - David Clark | Standing in the Light
May 22, 2020

Woke to the news that my friend and mentor David Clark has died. I would not be where I am today without his inspiration and support. My heart breaks for his children. We are ALL Superman. Rest In Power my brother This podcast was recorded Thursday...

Episode 54 - Becoming Badass | From Sick to Fit with Josh LaJaunie
May 11, 2020

Host Ian Lawton connects with the legendary Josh LaJaunie on this episode of Workshed Podcast. Josh is a former morbidly obese Louisiana native turned plant fueled ultra-athlete. He is the author of two books, Sick to Fit and Use the Weight To Lose...

Episode 53 - Beyond the Marathon
April 30, 2020

Not a podcast... or is it?

Episode 52 - A Guided Meditation with Ian Lawton
March 31, 2020

Who the fuck do I think I am sharing a guided meditation? But we could all benefit from cultivating a sense of calm, particularly right now the world the way it is... That's all. Be well and stay safe.  

Episode 51 - The Last Eight Miles | A Special Audiobook with Ian Lawton
March 31, 2020

Host Ian Lawton reads from his essay that was published in the latest issue of Moments Magazine. Moments is a publication of A Little Lifetime Foundation, a charitable organisation that offers services to bereaved parents. Ian is a regular attendee of...

Episode 50 - Getting Out of Your Own Way | A Coaching Session with Howard Jacobson PhD
February 28, 2020

In this episode host, Ian Lawton shares the recording of a personal coaching session he had with none other than Howard Jacobson, PhD. Howard has co-authored some of the most influential books on evidence-based nutrition available today....

Episode 49 - Running for Love | Life After Loss with Keith Russell
February 14, 2020

In this episode host, Ian Lawton connects with Ultra Athlete Keith Russell. An intimate conversation between two bereaved fathers who have found solace and insight, in the simple act of running. Keith is currently in training for the infamous Marathon...

Episode 48 - The Year of Ultra | The Don't Die(t) Update with Ian Lawton
January 29, 2020

Ian unscripted shiteing on about the past year... For all the things and stuff: Help me help:

Episode 47 - Food As Medicine | Owning Life with Earl Ray Martin
January 29, 2020

The stars at night! Are big and bright! Deep in the heart of Texas! Episode 47 and Earl Ray Martin shares his incredible story of recovery from multiple heart attacks resulting in triple bypass surgery to embracing a whole food plant based lifestyle...