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904 – Marijuana in the Workplace: Why Companies Should Seek Legal Representation - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
October 14, 2019

Is marijuana really a challenge for employers and what industries are affected? Given the acceptance of “medical marijuana” as a treatment for a variety of illnesses, can employers still have “zero tolerance" substance abuse policies in place?

169 – Have a Conversation not a “Versation”: Communicating Via Real-Life Examples to Prevent Confrontation - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
October 14, 2019

Why are conversation skills so important, and why do they require formal training? - What are some of the most difficult conversations to have, and how do you ensure the outcome is successful? - Fred Coon, president of Stewart, Cooper & Coon,

902 – Cyber-Security Targets Non-Senior Employees - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
September 12, 2019

What types of cyber-threats are targeting corporate workers? What is a people-centric approach to security? What are some best practices for creating an effective security training program for employees at all levels? -

124 – Challenges Faced by Women When Climbing the Corporate Ladder - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
September 06, 2019

What were are the top barriers many women experience during their climb up through major corporations? What can be done to circumnavigate or offset these barriers? What recommendations should women who are advancing their careers take into consideratio...

316 – How Government Laws Affect Veteran Employment Opportunities - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
August 05, 2019

How do state and local licensing laws restrict employment opportunities for Veterans? What can state and local governments do to ensure that Veterans have as many employment opportunities as possible? - Fred Coon,

165- Is the Classroom MBA Becoming Obsolete? Higher Education and the OPM Market - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
August 04, 2019

More frequently, companies have been hiring workers who are certificate trained. In fact, it appears that the MBA is becoming more of an option and less of a necessity than it has been in past years. - Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart, Cooper & Coon,

163 – The Future of Unions: Where Today’s Youngest Workers Stand on Unionized Workplaces - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
August 04, 2019

How do Millennials feel about joining unions in today's employment landscape? What can unions do to attract more Millennial membership? What are the major jobs where Millennials may be more apt to join a union?

164 – How Should CEOs Manage Their Board of Directors? - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
July 09, 2019

What makes up a good Board of Directors? How does a CEO manage and maintain a "healthy" Board? - Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, interviews Don Russell and Dr. Doug Lind of Clearwater Business Advisers on how CEOs can effectively handle thei...

139- Why Transformational Social Capital Is Critical To Your Career and Business - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
July 06, 2019

What is the importance of social capital in the workplace? How can it be used to build your network? We all practice transactional capital exchange. Most, however, do not properly manage their transformational social capital. Fred Coon, CEO, Stewart,

158 – ML – The One Factor All Generations Share: Leveraging Common Ground in the Workplace - Stewart, Cooper & Coon
June 25, 2019

As we know, the differences among Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials, and now, Generation Z, are vast; and this fact could not be more evident than when confined to a workplace setting. However, in order to function as a productive team that is both ...