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Workplace Perspective

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Episode #93 – Demystifying The 4-Day Workweek : Banks Benitez
May 10, 2022

Today's guest is Banks Benitez. Banks is the Co-Founder and CEO of Uncharted. Teresa and Banks discuss the advantages and challenges of a 4-Day Work Week. Banks moved the organization to a 4-day workweek where people get 100% compensation to work 32-h

Episode #92 – Creating Authenticity : Connie Almond and Jane Howard-Martin
April 26, 2022

Today's guest is Connie Almond and Jane Howard-Martin. Teresa, Connie and Jane discuss diversity, inclusion, and creating authenticity. Jane and Connie published an article in November 2021, "Does Your Workplace Encourage Conformity or Authenticity?"

Episode #91 – Gender Assumptions & Role Incredulity : Dr. Amy Diehl and Dr. Leanne Dzubinski
April 12, 2022

Today's guest is Dr. Amy Diehl and Dr. Leanne Dzubinski. Teresa. Amy and Leanne discuss gender assumptions and role incredulity. Amy and Leanne recently published an article in the Harvard Business Review, "When People Assume You’re Not In Charge Beca

Episode #90 – Maximizing 1-on-1 Meetings : Octavia Goredema
March 22, 2022

Today's guest is Octavia Goredema, career coach and author of "Prep, Push, Pivot." Teresa and Octavia discuss how to make the most of one-on-one meetings with your boss. They discuss how to plan and make sure you're getting the most out of the one-on-

Episode #89 – Workplace Bullying : Sonja Stooss
March 08, 2022

Today's guest is global HR leader, Sonja Stooss. Teresa and Sonja discuss "Workplace Bullying." During the last 3 years, organizations have experienced a massive exodus of talent due to toxic leaders and hostile work environments that employees simply

Steve Friedman
March 01, 2022

About Steve: ​When he wrote his memoir, In Search of Courage, he realized that the common thread of introversion he thought was a curse all his life was actually a blessing. For years he wore a mask at work and coped with his stress by sacrificing his hea

Episode #88 – Replay Episode: The Corp. Introvert: Filling The Leadership Gap: Steve Friedman
February 22, 2022

Special replay episode! Teresa talks to Steve Friedman, author of The Corporate Introvert: How to Lead and Thrive with Confidence. Teresa and Steve discuss what an introvert is and what the workplace is like for introverts. Steve gives advice on what

Episode #87 – Legal Update 2022 : Teresa McQueen
February 09, 2022

Teresa gives a legal update for 2022! Topics discussed : SB639AB1003SB606SB657SB807SB331 Episode Timeline 00:06Introduction and Disclaimer 01:31Legal Reminders 9:45Break and Public Service Announcement 11:05Legal Updates 30:54

Treena Meyers
February 01, 2022

Treena Meyers serves as the Regional Campus Chaplain in San Diego for Azusa Pacific Seminary and adjunct professor in the School of Nursing teaching Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Concepts. In addition, Treena is the Chief Human Resources Officer for K

Episode #86 – Selfish is the new Selfless : Dr. Natalie Marr
January 25, 2022

Today's guest is Dr. Natale M. Marr, Clinical Psychologist, and Life Transition Expert at Learn to Love Your Story. Teresa and Dr. Natale talk about "Selfish is the new Selfless." In this episode, Teresa and Dr. Natalie discuss what it means to be sel