Work Passion Fit

Work Passion Fit

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Yasmin Mattox and Arkatecht
December 17, 2019

The love of one's legacy and the fascination with other cultures is what Yasmin Mattox is all about. She takes these passions and has created an innovative company Arkatecht that is worthy of her past present and future.

Gilbert Leung and Shuffle
December 10, 2019

Designer, Creator, Innovator these are just three words that pop into mind when thinking of Co-Founder Gilbert Leung ,  Shuffle . - Get inspired and listen to Gilbert's podcast.

Alberto Fantappie and
December 03, 2019

What happens when a humanitarian out in the field suffers from mental illness and depression? Wanting to help others all of a sudden becomes a project of renewal and hope for the many. Alberto Fantappie created Wemby https://wemby.

Kannan Chettiar and Avvanz
November 26, 2019

Kannan Chettiar and Avvanz, a CEO who is full of creativity. As the leader of Avvanz he is passionate about making something from nothing. Listen to his inspiring story and discover the entrepreneur at heart.

Hongwei Liu CEO of Mappedin
November 19, 2019

In speaking with the energetic Hongwei Liu CEO of Mappedin, a strong sense of self awareness became evident in the podcast. In solving problems, in freely thinking and doing the unscalable Hongwei is realizing his own ethos.

Rohan Brown and Barley Sober
November 12, 2019

In speaking with Barley Sober Founder Rohan Brown the word that comes to mind immediately is creative. Rohan is striving to make his internal visions and passions match his external experiences.

Mark Coleman and Tambora Ventures
November 05, 2019

In speaking with Mark Coleman Managing Partner of Tambora Ventures I was utterly taken aback with his high energy and true love of mentorship. Mark is a believer in business values and ethics and is a needed and refreshing voice for everyone to listen to.

Chuck Howitt-Author
October 29, 2019

In speaking with "Blackberry Town" Author Chuck Howitt I found one secret to success: Take Chances. Without the courage to take chances there is little that will ever be accomplished.

Rebecca Norton and Sense of Direction
October 22, 2019

Rebecca Norton and Sense of Direction is a different type of Life Coach. Her firm Sense of Direction is unique in its approach to discovery.

Define Success.
October 17, 2019

Here is a thoughtful take on what success is all about