Work It Own It

Work It Own It

I’m Almost 30 WTF

January 26, 2021

Being almost 30 can bring up a lot of feelings like, stress, fear, anxiety, & confusion to name a few. It's big transition, and it's perfectly normal to be feeling some type of way about it.

After all, you are letting go of an era. Your 20's are a time for exploration and a lot of us fumble through them unsure of what we're doing. When 30 starts approaching, there can be a fear about having to "figure life out" & "get your shit together".

Age is just a number though, and I want to empower you to let go of your fears and anxieties about turning 30. I share with you some tips about how to take ownership of where your life is at & where you want it to go.

In this episode I share:

Lessons I learned from my 20's & what I'm leaving behindAdvice for dropping the party phase of your 20'sHow to strengthen your relationship with yourselfOvercoming limiting beliefs about your ageWhere does the "pressure" of turning 30 even come from?Ways to deal with this transitionYour Saturn Return - what it means & how to learn more about itAn embarrassing Bday story of mine

*If you're looking to find out when your Saturn Return is, I mentioned these sites you can use to find your birth chart info Cafe Astrology & Astro Charts

*Listen to the old episode I mentioned, "Shit to Leave Behind in Your 20's" for more hilarious, and embarrassing stories from my 20's.

I hope you found something relatable in this episode, and most importantly, I hope it dissolved some of your fears about getting older and turning 30. Remember it's your life, and age is just a number. How you want to spend your days and who you want to spend it with is up to you!

If something resonated with you, let me know on Instagram & tag me @emilysiero or @workitownitpod. And to all my Aquarius babies out there, Happy Birthday & if you're in the middle of your Saturn Return, let's chat. I'd love to hear how your tackling it!

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