Work It Own It

Work It Own It

Building Success with La Tesce: Hip-Hop Artist

October 20, 2020

The secret to success is envisioning the future you want to have. This week's episode features local CT hip-hop artist, La Tesce. We first connected at an open-mic in the summer of 2019 at a local venue & I was so inspired by her music and stage presence. She's such a go-getter and this interview will motivate you to step up your game in whatever side-hustle or creative pursuit you're working on.

In this episode she shares:
- Ways she holds herself accountable as an artist
- How she's been nourishing her creativity during COVID
- The importance of surrounding yourself with people that work harder than you
- Her songwriting process
- What it's like being a female rapper
- How she stays focused on her vision & career

Listen to La Tesce on Spotify, subscribe on Youtube, and follow her on Instagram for more updates! Some of my favorite songs of her's are Culture, Warning, and Late Night. It's impossible to NOT dance to her music!

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