Work It Own It

Work It Own It

Losing Your Passion & How to Find It Again

September 29, 2020

Losing your passion feels absolutely awful. It seems like one day you just wake up and nothing excites you anymore. You dread your job, your daily routine, and are unmotivated to do things that bring you joy & excitement.

In this episode I discuss:

What it feels like to be uninspired & disconnected from yourselfFactors that are draining your passionMotivation to leave the job you hatePractices & Tips to help re-ignite your passion

I believe for most of us, a job we're not crazy about is the root cause of our unhappiness. We spend a majority of our week working, and if you hate your job, think about how much time and energy you're giving away to something you resent. I hope this discussion inspires you to make in a change in your life and to rediscover your passions. Share it with someone you know that could use some help on this topic!

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