Happiness and Humans

Happiness and Humans

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Making a difference in HR
May 07, 2024

Matt sits down with Emma Woods, UK Group Head of HR at  Rotala Group Limited to discuss: What makes you happy? How did you get into HR? Any advice for anyone wanting to move sectors? Can you go from being a bus driver to MD? What are your tips for de

The New P&L and Employee Happiness | Paul Spiers
April 08, 2024

Matt is joined by Paul Spiers, Founder and Host of The New P&L, as they unpack why next gen leaders are looking for a new P&L and whether happiness belongs in P&L.

Learning from a career in retail | Jules Eustance
March 26, 2024

Matt sits down to chat to Jules Eustance, Founder of The Corporate Success Co. to discuss career development and leadership develop for retail and e-commerce. Delving into how to create illusive measurement andaccountability, this is not one to miss!

The Happiness Index - Book Q&A with Kashi Chellen & Matt Phelan
December 06, 2023

In this episode we see Kashi takeover once again, hosting a Q&A session on the release of 'The Happiness Index - Why Todays Emotions Equal Tomorrows Business Success'. A live Q&A with audience participation, you'll find out how this b

The Story Behind the World Happiness Summit with Karen Guggenheim
November 12, 2023

Matt is joined by Founder of The World Happiness Summit, Karen Guggenheim to delve into the story behind the 3-day event that sees the worlds leading experts in the science of happiness and wellbeing gather to share practice and tools!

Values, Meaning & Purpose & Employee Engagement | Minter Dial
October 23, 2023

Minter Dial, Keynote Speaker, NED/Advisor, Award-winning Author, Expert @APM, Podcaster: Minter Dialogue & Joy of Padel sits down to discuss 'Values' in this final instalment of our Neuroscience series. We develop our personal values through

Inspiration, Meaning & Purpose & Employee Engagement | Rob Turner
October 16, 2023

Rob Turner, Culture & Engagement Manager at BT talks all things Inspiration with Matt! Inspiration is the inner sensation which motivates us to do something important, a state where we are prepared to engage with a significant challenge regardless o

Commitment, Meaning & Purpose & Employee Engagement | John Fitzgerald
October 09, 2023

Matt sits down with John Fitzgerald, the Founder of Harmonics, Executive Coach to CEO's. Described by Clients as Passionate, authentic, highly impactful, insightful and innovative. They tackle the topic of Commitment! Commitment is a state of emotiona

Information Flow, Clarity & Employee Engagement | Steve Bianchi
September 18, 2023

Steve Bianchi Chief People Officer at ECARX, sits down to tackle the tough subject of Information Flow, in this final part to the Clarity theme trilogy. People need to have access to the right information to enable them to do their jobs effectively. Th

Resources, Clarity & Employee Engagement w/ Gemma Shambler
September 11, 2023

Gemma ShamblerHead Of People at The Happiness Index sits down with Matt Phelan to discuss the topic of Requirements/Resources within the theme of Clarity. Each person needs to understand exactly what is expected of them in their role, an area classical