Working Class Bowhunter

Working Class Bowhunter

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EP3 Hunting October - The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
October 15, 2019

Hunting October can be the best time of year to pattern and kill the buck you've been chasing. We struggle to find a starting point to break down this often controversial topic! Dos and Don'ts  The time to hunt specific deer Opinions on the...

326 Pronghorn Antelope Camp
October 09, 2019

Recorded somewhere in South Dakota on a piece of BLM ground! A true hunting camp podcast while chasing antelope with our good friends from BuckStorm! Enjoy! BuckStorm YouTube! Click here! Find WCB online:...

325 Buckatorium Last Podcast
October 03, 2019

The Last episode in the original WCB studio... The Buckatorium! The boys reminisce on the studio history Moving sucks Veteran Shout Out Segment  Steve's news segment  The start of the WCB podcast Doug and Cameron's start on WCB...

EP2 Andrae's Story - The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
October 01, 2019

This episode covers Andrae's background and the story on how he became a bowhunter. From there we cover a ton of topics from big buck stories to breaking down buck behavior.  In this episode:  Growing up in Milwaukee  Start in the...

324 Conner Wakefield - IL Deer & Beer Fest
September 26, 2019

Recorded at the Illinois Deer & Beer fest in Bloomington, IL!  This was recorded before Conner's KY hunt and before Curt's SD antelope hunt. The fellas discuss: Opening days in different states Summer trail cam bucks Acorn crop Are Steve and...

EP1 - The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
September 24, 2019

The very first episode of the D'Acquisto Series Podcast! This is a quick look at what to expect from the series, some chat about Andrae's start and working out the kinks in a new podcast! This series will launch a new episode 2 times a month!...

323 Rubline Marketing
September 19, 2019

Recorded at the Rubline Marketing Office in Traer, IA! We forced Chase to not be so serious while we drink ice cold Busch Light! Find WCB online: ...

322 Road Trip To Rubline
September 12, 2019

Curt, Eric and Doug record a road trip podcast in the truck! We get some bullshittin done, talk goals for season and sight see the small Iowa towns along the way! Enjoy! Our newest CarbonTv episode with Aaron Lewis!

321 Bud Fisher - Catchin’ Deers
September 05, 2019

We had a chance to catch up with Bud at DeerFest in West Bend, Wi! We always have a great time goofing off on the podcast with Bud and he also brings us up to speed on the Tractor Supply deal! Enjoy!  Covered in this episode:  Roadtrip...

320 Deer Hunter Podcast
August 30, 2019

Kevin Venison from Deer Hunter Podcast joins us on the show this week! We talk a lot about social media influence in hunting and the mental aspect of chasing whitetails. Enjoy!  Covered on this episode: Podcasting bringing people together ...