A podcast about work, the future and how they will go together

A podcast about work, the future and how they will go together

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Episode 92: How Can You Make Wise Decisions at Work?
February 01, 2023

Working and making decisions go hand in hand.  Every day we make dozens of decisions some thoughtful and good but others perhaps clouded by emotions or by haste. They are not all wise decisions – but

Episode 91: How Do You Set Boundaries at Work?
January 18, 2023

If we are going to work effectively and have any kind of balance we need to set boundaries, but how we can we do that? In a world where work demands seem to constantly be rising, saying no to anythi

Episode 90: Should Organizations Impose Mandatory Vacations?
January 04, 2023

Should organizations force workers to take vacations? With workers increasing reporting that they are suffering from burnout, it might help if people took time off even if they are forced to do so. T

Episode 90: Should Organizations Impose Mandatory Vacations?
January 04, 2023

These days, being in the workplace is a stressful thing. We know that mental health is an issue, and that people are dealing with all kinds of stresses from outside the workplace but increasingly from

Episode 89: What Will the Next Phase of Hybrid Work Look Like?
December 14, 2022

Hybrid work has become the norm in many organizations but it is an uneasy norm, with many details to be worked out. From how many days workers should be at the office to how managers can best connect

Episode 88: How Can You Build Connection With a Remote Team?
December 01, 2022

If no one is in the office, how can you create a culture? On this episode Linda Nazareth talks to Ken Babcock, CEO and co-founder of Tango, a browser and desktop application that automatically generat

Episode 87: What are the Work Lessons from Successful Creative Partnerships?
November 16, 2022

We know that partnerships and teams matter to all organizations but movies are a little different. When you get a team together to make a movie, you are bringing together a lot of creative people and

Episode 86: How Can We Learn to Collaborate Better at Work?
November 02, 2022

Just about everyone even if they work independently or remotely has to collaborate with other people on occasion. Not everyone likes to do that and not everyone does it well, but when collaborati

Episode 85: Has the Line Between Work and Retirement Been Forever Blurred?
October 19, 2022

After work usually comes retirement, except that the line between the two is not quite what it used to be. With people living longer and with investments not always working out, there are a lot of pe

Episode 84: Why are Women Stalling on their Way to the Top?
October 05, 2022

Despite the inroads women have made in the workforce over the past decades, the progress may not be as good as it looks particularly when it comes to the C-Suite. On this episode Monika Hamori, Assoc