Words Over Whisky Podcast

Words Over Whisky Podcast

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Words Over Whisky Ep39
March 31, 2024

Time for some Rye? A much delayed release of February's episode. Timestamps 1:15 1st Whisky (Goldwaescher Swiss Rye Whisky) 7:50 Our top whisky of 2023 10:25 Whisky Trivia  13:55 Discussion "Glass Loc

Words Over Whisky Ep38: 2023 Wrap up
February 04, 2024

In their yearly tradition Henry & Tom look back at the past year and discuss their top books, whiskies and other moments.Timestamps0:00 Intro1:05 1st Whisky (Black Bottle Smoke & Dagger)8

Words Over Whisky Ep37
December 27, 2023

On episode 37 Henry and Tom have an in depth discussion on a recent book they both read. Upcoming shoes and recent movie viewing discussions included.Timestamps0:00 Intro1:50 Whisky 1 (Cardhu Gol

Words Over Whisky Ep36
December 13, 2023

Episode 36Timestamps0:00 Intro2:30 Whisky 1 (Ardnamurchan AD)15:00 Whisky Show 202318:20 If you went to a whisky festival which brands would you visit first?23:45 Whisky Trivia27:10 Whisky 2

Words Over Whisky Ep35
September 24, 2023

Words Over Whisky Episode 35Time stamps0:00 Intro0:45 Whisky (Starward Left Field)6:00 Whisky Trivia10:05 Whisky Highballs14:00 The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter19:40 TV book adaptations di

Words Over Whisky Ep34
July 24, 2023

On this episode Tom gets to try a variety of whiskies whilst Henry discusses his recent trip to Scotland.Timestamps0:00 Intro2:00 Whisky 1 (Method & Madness Virgin Spanish Oak Finish)9:25 Wh

Words Over Whisky Ep33
June 06, 2023

On this episode Henry and Tom discuss what books they think would great TV show adaptations.TimestampsIntro 0:001st Whisky (Springbank 10) 1:20Whisky Trivia 14:49What book do you think would m

Words Over Whisky Ep32
March 20, 2023

On this episode Henry and Tom try some whiskies from around the world, discuss The Last of Us show and explore goals for the year ahead.TimestampsIntro 0:00, 1st Whisky (Mackmyra Brukswhisky), Whi

Words Over Whisky Ep31
February 05, 2023

The 2022 wrap up is here. On this episode Henry and Tom discuss their top books and whiskies from the past year. Tom gets tested on his whisky knowledge and they discuss some favourite shows and games

Words Over Whisky Ep30
December 31, 2022

In this very delayed November episode Henry and Tom discuss a whisky book, their final verdict on Rings of Power and their opinion on Andor so far.Timestamp0:00 Intro1:40 Whisky (Woodford Reserv