Women Over 70: Aging Reimagined

Women Over 70: Aging Reimagined

048 Rebecca Sive: Women Engaging Civically and Politically

May 06, 2020

For the past five decades, Rebecca Sive, age 70, has built coalitions—across lines of age, ethnicity, race, gender, and political persuasion-- to address a range of social issues. Her primary focus is advancing women’s rights in all fronts, especially their leadership in local and national politics. Rebecca’s rich experiences as a public official, civic leader, political analyst, historian, college teacher, and speaker are fodder for her books on getting women into public office and her podcast #VoteHerIn. She appeals to younger women to appreciate and draw on the hard-earned wisdom of older women who have broken down so many institutional and systemic barriers.


  • You can build coalitions by finding common denominators that transcend differences.

  • Every day is the time to do something you think is worth doing, for others and for self.

  • Lead a life that is rich in your contributions to the common good

  • We get older and wiser and have so much to contribute.

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  • Vote Her In: Your Guide to Electing Our First Woman President (2018)

  • Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House (2013)