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Conspiracy hour
August 03, 2022

Who doesnt love conspiracies? Although sometimes the original version is the truth but sometimes its not. Sit back and tune in to hear Dallas and I talk about some theories: #wokeandbrokepodcast--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vincent-bel

Construction confessions (allegedly)
July 02, 2022

Dallas comes back to back on the show to lay the smack down on manny my 2 special guest as we go deeper in nostalgia wwe memories & we end it with a new segment I like to call construction confessions. Love y’all thanks! #wokeandbrokepodcast #season2 ---

Woman’s rights vs The Book club
June 30, 2022

Dallas joins us on the podcast and we discuss wrestling, womans rights & religion. As Christian extremism is on the rise in the Conservative party & women, the LGBTQIA+ community & other marginalized groups face the rolling back of their human rights; we

Welcoming the new year with healing energy (SEASON 2 Ep,1)
January 16, 2022

Welcoming the new year with healing energy. We are back with season 2 of #TW&BP and I want to personally thank everyone who has ever taken a hour of their day to listen to a episode. (likes & shares are Free of charge) please show some love & spread the

Rest in paradise Frankie Cedillo #68
May 31, 2021

This episode is dedicated to the memory of our beloved brother and co-host Frankie Cedillo.We asked a few of his friends and family to share some stories about Frankie. How he impacted their lives and any memories they will cherish forever. #wokeandbrok

Marco has a Poway problem EP#67
March 28, 2021

I had a great time catching up with a family friend (6 feet apart? Masks on) safety first. We talked about different experiences we had growing up in San Diego & some other local neighborhoods. We also have a part 2 (audio only) where Marco goes into fath

Sunday morning encounter EP#66
March 24, 2021

Sunday morning encounter. #wokeandbrokepodcast--- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/vincent-beltran/support

Baby Name Reveal EP #65
March 02, 2021

The wait is over we are back with a LIFE/BABY UPDATE. On this special episode we talk all about our pregnancy journey (pros & cons). Tune in & FIND OUT THE BABYS NAME! To support our podcast Like share follow & subscribe to our YouTube channel where we

16 days into 2021 #64
January 17, 2021

Today we had a dope conversation about the capital hill riots & the fellow brothers. We discussed vaccines & Healthcare. Frankie ends it with his personal life owning a business with a brief talk on Shook ones (anxiety playing tricks on me) by Charlemagne

January 03, 2021

Thank god the baby news is out we can finally talk about our experience and thoughts so far. I end the episode as a cry baby no pun intended (dad joke). Tune in & as always thanks!#wokeandbrokepodcast #happynewyear #babyannouncement #babybeltran--- S