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S2 E08: An Interview With Beth Z – Your NerdyBestFriend
February 23, 2021

In this fun and informative episode, Melissa and Michelle interview Beth Z of YourNerdyBestFriend.Beth is a technology and app guru and a whole lot of fun. Listen in as Michelle and Melissa tap Beths beautiful brain for the lowdown on the latest tech too

S2 E07: The Psychology of Resilience: Tapping Into Your Ability To Thrive In Chaos
January 26, 2021

The struggle is most definitely real! The challenges and uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic are taking a toll on all of us. In this episode, Melissa and Michelle interview Dr. Dayle Lattie, a licensed clinical psychologist and professional “coach for lif

S2 E06: Keep Politics, Religion & The Great Pumpkin Out Of Your Marketing Mix
December 29, 2020

We’ve all got opinions, and social media gives us so many ways to share them. But that doesn’t mean you should. In this week’s episode, Melissa and Michelle share some real life examples of how letting your feelings fly on Facebook and other social media

S2 E05: The Five Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us Before We Started Freelancing
December 01, 2020

From fighting off Imposter Syndrome to not giving away the farm, in this episode of The Wobizzle Podcast, Michelle and Melissa reminisce over the five things they wish someone had told them before they launched their freelancing careers.

S2 E04: The Wobizzle Podcast: The Minimalist’s Guide To Managing Social Media
November 10, 2020

Not enough time (or energy) for managing social media? In this week's episode of The Wobizzle Podcast- the Minimalist's Guide To Managing Social Media, Melissa and Michelle interview Claire Sakaoka, owner of the public relations and digital market

S2 E03 - Get Off To A Fabulous Start In 2021
October 26, 2020

It’s not too early to start setting your freelance business up for success in the new year. In this episode, Melissa and Michelle guide listeners through the action steps they can be taking right now to help grow their client bases and their revenue in 20

S2 E02 - A Freelancer’s Guide To Staying Organized & Productive
October 13, 2020

One of the keys to successful freelancing is being able to manage multiple projects at once. In this episode of The Wobizzle Podcast, Melissa and Michelle share their favorite tips for keeping projects organized, staying ahead of deadlines and doing it al

S2 E01 - The Pandemic Pivot
September 29, 2020

COVID-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down. But opportunities to launch a freelance career or grow your existing freelance business are out there.In this episode, Michelle and Melissa highlight the most important characteristics of successful freela

10a: Back to the Studio
September 25, 2019

What a summer! Michelle and Melissa are back in the studio after a summer hiatus and are ready to help you get prepared for a productive fall! A little travel, a little time off, and some great summer sunshine can help reset even the busiest...

9: Setting & Raising Rates
July 16, 2019

Are you struggling with setting a freelance rate? Let's face it ladies. We're all ready to rally on the issue of pay equality in the workplace, but we are notorious for charging too little for our freelance work. So, how do you set a rate that is...