The WNC Souper Party

The WNC Souper Party

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What Does the WNCSP Need?-Mannequin 4-Mike's Strange Obsessions-Yeah! That's The Ticket!
March 06, 2020

A lively 3 hr. episode of your WNCSP finds our intrepid hero's talking movies, rasslin' lists (courtesy of the other Dave) and mannequins. Yes friends, the IQ fell sharply and the comedy hit the roof! Come join Mike, Luke Birch (TCP) and aging sophisticat

The WNCSP Presents..."The 'Murica Episode"
February 28, 2020

As though we belong slap-dab in the middle of it, your returning hero Johny Florida, Papa Dave and Mike talk America. Specifically the upcoming primaries and general election. Papa Dave luvs Bernie 4 Prez, Johny? Well we all know that story. And Mike was

Papa Dave Does a Funny Voice...Twice! And Other Tomfoolery w/ Mish and the Wookie
February 21, 2020

As I sat to write this intro, I meditated on last night's exciting episode of your WNCSP and, well, we had almost 3 hours of fun and laughs. No topics, laughs, and Papa Dave is his curmudgeonly self (whoopee). As always, Michael _____ and TCP's own Luke B

How to Talk to the Ladies, Johny Florida Style! w/ bonus Reality Check Included!
February 14, 2020

***WARNING***THIS EPISODE CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR LOVE LIFE*** In this episode of your WNCSP, Our returning hero Johny Florida shares himself with us all. Covering a plethera of subjects such as confidence, relationships, and how to talk to the object of

The WNCSP Presents-"Mannequin 3-Papa Dave's Dark impulses" w/ The Sky Genie & Luke Birch or Mea Culpa My A$$!!!
February 07, 2020

In an episode for the history books, Papa Dave, Mike _____, and special guest The Sky Genie w/ friend Luke Birch bring da funny. We had the oddest discussion about mannequins? i don't know why. Throw in a bit 'o NWA and MLW talk and it's mannequins for ev

Ok, Mea Culpa. Maybe We Are Goofy!?!
February 01, 2020

My humble words are inadequate to describe this episode of your WNCSP. Hopefully you gentle listener will be able to decipher the miasma that is this episode. I know there was WNC title talk, and it all gets fuzzy after that (and I was sober) so listen an

The NWA Power(rr) Review-Ep. 15-"Generation Clash" and NWA Hard Times PPV Predictions
January 25, 2020

Fellow NWA Power(rr) fans, this is the review/recap you've been waiting for. Listen as returning hero Johny Florida, Mike and Papa Dave cover ep. 15. Hear Papa Dave amazing take on the go-home episode before the Hard Times PPV. Man it's better than ice cr

The Passion of the @SilverSerpant w/ special guests Sensible Sam & Luke Birch of TCP
January 24, 2020

In this most passionate episode of your WNCSP, we're #JohnyFree and swingin' in the breeze. Guests Sam and Luke wowed the live crowd and they'll wow you too! Papa Dave and Mike did their best to just get the hell outta the way. A thing of podcasting beaut

The NWA Power(rr) Review-Episode 14-"Strictly Business Take Over" (A WNC/WNCSP Presentation)
January 17, 2020

Come on in and join us for episode 14 of NWA Power(rr) as knight in shiny  armor Johny Florida and Papa Dave Sincere give it the 'ol once over. A thrill ride for all Boo! @TheWNCNetwork To support on Patreon

The WNC Souper Party-THIS WEEK ONLY...25% OFF the List Price...What a Deal!!!
January 17, 2020

If all of your podcast wishes could come true in one episode, this would be the one. Papa Dave, the "curiously specific" Johny Florida and Mike (still just Mike) bring on da fun. this one is hotter than a $2 pistol Sunshine! @WNCSouperParty