Warp Lords Podcast

Warp Lords Podcast

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Fractured World 2-2: 'Night Daze'
July 01, 2020

The Night is full of Terrors

Fractured World 2-1: 'The Boys Are Back In Town'
June 24, 2020

Them wild-eyed boys that had been away haven't changed that much to say

Warp Crawl 1-7: 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
June 17, 2020

Just let 'em sleep

Warp Crawl 1-6: 'Hidden in Plane View'
June 10, 2020

Baby it's cold inside

Warp Crawl 1-5: 'I Have No Idea What to Do Right Now'
June 03, 2020

Seriously, no clues in this cast

Warp Crawl 1-4: 'You Gotta Pay the Troll Toll'
May 27, 2020

If you don't pay the troll toll you can't get the necromancers soul

Warp Crawl 1-2: 'You ain't nothing but a [hell]hound dog'
May 13, 2020

Our party quickly finds out that opening all of the doors might have consequences!

Warp Crawl 1-1: 'My watering can is smarter than me'
May 06, 2020

In this micro-arc Devin adapts a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for Warp Lords, and the party is quickly outclassed by a magical watering can named Florian.

The Nine Realms 1-6: Everspring Cleaning
April 29, 2020

After defeating a monstrosity and a horde of bulls, the party tends to their spoils before they spoil and stumbles on a bigger purpose to their jerky-driven journey.