Witness Radio - Learn Biblical Evangelism from Real-Life Encounters

Witness Radio - Learn Biblical Evangelism from Real-Life Encounters

Latest Episodes

Todd Friel - Ep. 125
October 12, 2017

Todd Friel joins us from Wretched Radio and TV! We discuss college ministry and some new products to help Christians share the Gospel and raise their children. FULL SHOW NOTES EMAIL THE SHOW CALL THE SHOW

Ambassadors' Academy - Ep. 124
August 28, 2017

Ryan goes to Los Angeles, California to attend the Living Waters Ambassadors' Academy with Ray Comfort! While there, he witnesses to Chris, a man from the happiest country on earth, Norway! FULL SHOW NOTES EMAIL THE SHOW CALL THE SHOW

Cult Shock w/ Mark Stengler Jr. - Ep. 123
July 20, 2017

Ryan interviews Mark Stengler Jr. about his book that helps Christians to share the Gospel with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. They also take some time to discuss evangelism strategies and witnessing stories! FULL SHOW NOTES EMAIL THE SHOW CA

Sorry Christians - Ep. 122
June 30, 2017

Should Christians apologize to the LGBT community for what the Bible condemns as sin? Listen to Ryan's interview with a "Sorry Christian" at a Gay Pride festival! FULL SHOW NOTES EMAIL THE SHOW CALL THE SHOW

What is Socialism? - Ep. 121
June 20, 2017

What happens when Ryan stumbles upon a Trump protest and Socialist Rally? Listen to this episode and find out how Socialism is spreading through the youth of America like wild fire! Do you know the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism?

Religions and Cults - Ep. 120
May 11, 2017

Roger Patterson joins us to give insight into the various world religions and cults. We also discuss how you can witness to any of them without being a religious scholar. FULL SHOW NOTES EMAIL THE SHOW CALL THE SHOW

Starting Conversations - Ep. 119
April 26, 2017

Ryan hits the streets after an extended hiatus and has trouble getting back into witnessing because he can't come up with anything to talk about! Ryan falls back on some proven conversation starters and shares how you can start Gospel conversations even w

A Flood of Evidence - Ep. 118
March 11, 2017

Bodie Hodge, Author and Speaker from Answers in Genesis, joins us to discuss his new book, A Flood of Evidence, and shares about some upcoming expansions to the world-famous Ark Encounter!

Sports Evangelism - Ep. 117
February 18, 2017

How should you witness to a sports fan? Listen as Ryan shares the Gospel with Cohen and Malik while discussing the Super Bowl! He discusses the futility of sports in relation to where we'll spend eternity.

Racial Equality - Ep. 116
February 02, 2017

Ryan Muniak interviews Dr. A. Charles Ware about racial issues (black lives matter, race riots, racial equality) and how to resolve racial tensions! Plus, we share how you can get a free copy of Dr. Ware's book, "One Race, One Blood."