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With Sight in Mind

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Marini's Lazy Susan
May 19, 2020

Recess over. We're back and it's Marie ft. Marino Marini; it had to be. Get a gander over here (Marie's choice is called 'Danzatrice'; she's in the 50's section. https://museomarinomarini.it/en/collezione/sculptures/page/2/?anno=1950Hope you enjoy!

Bird in Space
April 27, 2020

20th century sculpture Pt.II We've left France for Venice. Henry describes this sculpture from memory, and we denied ourselves the chance to look at while he constructed an image for us. You might have seen it, you might not have, but feel free to play a

The Man Who Walks
April 20, 2020

A new triptych today; 20th century sculpture. We're back in (do we ever want to leave?!) the south of France. As our friend Helen guessed instantly, George chose Giacometti. Not quiet sure what this says about George... but we're looking at 'L'homme qui m

April 16, 2020

Our final Matisse is an unfinished painting of his wife, Amlie. Expect muses, and our musings about them in portraiture. Marie loves Matisse. Matisse loved Amlie. He also loved painting. For the intriguing hierarchy of these feelings, lend us your ears

The Problem of Description
April 09, 2020

Henry took on a problem that this podcast, and anyone who looks at art, faces:'How do you take on something visual with a verbal description?'Still on Matisse, in this episode we talk about a drawing he made called 'La Passe de Hapataki'. It's found in

A painting of two goldfish
April 07, 2020

We jump from the Renaissance to the 20th century and Henri Matisse for our next three podcasts. In this episode, we look at 'Le Bocal aux poissons rouges' from the Pompidou in Paris. A painting of two goldfish, an open window, and a streetview. Give or ta

Our final Piero- Baptism
April 06, 2020

A third and final (for the mo) Piero! Marie whisked us to London and the National Gallery to think about his version of Christ's baptism. We've happened on a formula, following a set of 3, be that by one artist or within a movement. Matisse is making his

The Best Picture in the world
April 03, 2020

Welcome back (?!) or welcome! Episode 2 sees us continue with Piero Della Francesca. This time, its an easy choice; the greatest painting in the world. Here is said painting:https://www.wikiart.org/en/piero-della-francesca/the-resurrectionDo get in to

In the Beginning was Piero
March 25, 2020

In this episode, Marie, Henry and George talk about Piero Della Francesca's Madonna Del Parto. Within touching distance of mother's day, we kept things topical, as far as that can be true of a 15th century fresco. Sound might be on the sticky side, bear