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Smart Talk

Lancaster County firm introduces hemp-fed, cage-free eggs

January 20, 2022

Hemp has been making a comeback in recent years. It’s a crop that played an important role throughout history until it became illegal to grow because of its relationship to marijuana, although no one was getting high off of hemp.

Farmers have been encouraged to grow hemp in the last few years because it’s cheap, easy to grow and has a multitude of uses.

However, Kreider Farms in Lancaster County has found a new role for hemp — feeding cage-free chickens a vegetarian diet that includes 20% hemp seed. Marketing the brand name Chiques Creek eggs, Kreiders says the eggs are healthier for humans partly because they contain three times the omega-3 fatty acids than traditional eggs.

On Thursday’s <em><strong>Smart Talk,</strong></em> we learn more about Chiques Creek hemp eggs from Khalee Kreider, Marketing Manager, Kreider Farms.