The WIN-WIN Effect Show

The WIN-WIN Effect Show

116. PHIL PELUCHA | S5:E16

August 16, 2021

In Episode 116 of The Win-Win Effect Show, CHRIS ROSS® sits down with the “go-to guys” for understanding business for podcasting, Phil Pelucha.


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If you ask our partners & customers what they love the MOST about Phil & Billionaires in Boxers, it would be our ability to recognize, elevate and create proven growth strategies for high-growth organizations.

Having grown and sold his x2 podcasting networks and then used podcasting to scale and exit x2 professional services agencies, Phil is the "go-to guy" for understanding business for podcasting and podcasting for business. Starting his career as a talented football player and later coach, Phil combines his winning mentality and ability to build phenomenal teams to fuel & connect those around him.

He is a top 100 podcast and host of the global TV series Billionaires in Boxers; he empowers current and future industry leaders. Through a unique mixture of Podcasting, Broadcast media, and live events, Phil is renowned for his ability to introduce high-growth potential organizations, from both the emerging and established markets to the most innovative investors.