Will We Make It Out Alive?

Will We Make It Out Alive?

Latest Episodes

S3E7: Success Starts at the Root
August 30, 2022

In this episode we will learn more about the Roots of Success program from Grady Mitchell, a former participant and current Corrections & Reentry Program Director at Roots of Success.

S3E6: Letting Knowledge and Nature In
August 16, 2022

Science and Sustainability Education in Prison

S3E5, Why did the Caterpillar Cross the Road? To get to the Artillery Range
August 02, 2022

A story about the metamorphosis of a prison into a butterfly rearing facility for endangered species recovery.

S3E4 - Plugging Away at the South Salish Lowland Prairies
July 19, 2022

WA Sustainability in Prisons Conservation Programs and the Conservation Nursery

S3E3: If You’re not a partner of the solution, you’re a partner of the problem!
July 05, 2022

Partnerships in the Sustainability in Prisons Project

S3E2: Reducing Recidivism Through Education, Science and Nature
June 21, 2022

Season Three is all about the Sustainability in Prisons Project (or SPP), and how they bring education and training into the prisons to reduce recidivism and protect and enhance our environment. In this episode we interviewed James Jackson, who serves as

S3E1: From the Tree Canopy to the Prison Grounds
June 07, 2022

Origins of the Sustainability in Prisons Project

S2E5: A shady way to use your skills for good!
March 01, 2022

Volunteering and GIS, does it get any better with Tonya Kauhi

S2E4: Bartering With Slugs
February 15, 2022

Tales From A Garden Collective

S2E3: If You Were A Fruit...
February 01, 2022

you'd be a fineapple!