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The Wild Times Podcast

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TWT #99 - Old School Wild Times is Back!
August 08, 2022

Forrest, Patrick & Peter are back with an old-school Wild Times episode! We're bringing back all the old segments you know and love with all new exciting stories and fantastic animals!Leave a review

TWT #98 - Shark Week 2022 with Dave Ebert & Andrew Lewin!
July 25, 2022

Joining The Wild Times Pod this week is Dave Ebert & Andrew Lewin, co-hosts of Beyond Jaws Podcast. Beyond Jaws is the official podcast of the Save Our Seas Foundation and aims to engage and inform sh

TWT #97 - The Casual Geographic King, @mndiaye_97 Joins!
June 27, 2022

Joining The Wild Times Pod this week is the popular social media star Mamadou Ndiaye AKA @mndiaye_97 AKA @Casual Geographic AKA Hood Nature. Mamadou talks to Forrest, Patrick and Retep about how Ma

TWT #96 - Return of the Kings of Pain: Gnarliest Bites, Stings & Strikes Yet
May 23, 2022

Forrest Galante and Retep chat once again with the Kings of Pain, just in time for Season 2! Wildlife nuts Adam Thorn and Rob Alleva reveal some of the most hilarious and horrifying experiences during

TWT 95 - Anneka Svenska, The Wolf Girl, Joins!
May 23, 2022

The Wild Times Podcast is back! This time Anneka Svenska, the wolf girl joins the show to discuss all things canines with the guys. Anneka Svenska is a UK Wildlife Presenter that hosts the popular You

TWT #94 - Turning Fear Into Fascination with Ms. Mallory, Queen of Creepy Crawlies
April 11, 2022

Join The Wild Times crew chillaxing on the couch at Reteps place as they chat with the one and only Ms. Mallory, Queen of Creepy Crawlies! This woman is a serious badass with plenty of gross creepy c

TWT #93 - Coyote Peterson Talks Stings, Favorite TV Moments & Career Advice
March 28, 2022

Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and Papa P are joined this week by the King of Stings himself, Coyote Peterson! Coyote has been immersed in the wildlife field in a few different ways, so this ep

TWT #92 - Forrest Galante’s Amygdala VS Kings of Pain feat. Adam Thom & Rob Alleva
March 15, 2022

Joining Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and The Wild Times gang this week are the fellow wildlife nutheads from the TV and Snapchat series, Kings of Pain. Giving Forrests amygdala a run for its

TWT #91 - Adventurer & Uproxx Author Steve Bramucci
February 28, 2022

Fellow adventurer, and story teller Steve Bramucci joins Forrest Galante and the gang to talk about embarking on incredible adventures while traveling the world. Enjoy, brosteners and sisteners! Love

TWT 90 - Brian Barczyk Talks Reptiles, Titanoboa & Animalcon!
February 14, 2022

Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew are joined by world animal lover, conservationist and YouTuber Brian Barczyk as the guys discuss everything from Brian's reptarium to Titanoboa to Animalcon! Visi