Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Episode 31: Creating Meaningful Impact with D-Well

May 18, 2019

In this episode, we speak with Moee and Dez who are two residents of D-Well, a co-living space for changemakers located in downtown Las Vegas. Moee and Dez talk about how D-Well has impacted their work in the community, and helped them develop relationships with other changemakers. They will also share about some of their current projects.

For more information about D-Well or to apply for the program visit: https://d-well.vegas/

For information about Dez DeCosta visit her site at: http://dezdecosta.com/. Her book can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Marketing-Essentials-Elias-Benjelloun/dp/1723719455

Original end bumper music by Moee Turbin.

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