Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Episode 16: Whose tweet is it anyway?

September 21, 2018

Wild and Free: A Battle Born podcast is a podcast that serves as a platform for non-profit professionals, social justice activists and community driven artists that are trying to make a difference in the Southern Nevada community. We will talk about the issues that matter and will motivate our fellow community members to get involved.

In this episode we speak again with our friend and immigration attorney Sarah Perez. Sarah joins us to talk about some of the more recent developments with immigration policy and practice. Sarah gets real as she speaks of the asylum process, as well as the real story of kids who have been separated by their families. The news and pundits tell us one thing, but we get down to learn what actually happen.

If you or someone you know needs legal assistance with immigration issues in light of recent moves by the White House, you can contact the UNLV Law Immigration Clinic (https://law.unlv.edu/clinics/immigration), Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Immigration Services (https://www.catholiccharities.com/service_details/immigration-services/) or Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (https://www.lacsn.org/).

Hey Nevadans! Are you registered to vote? If you are not please visit http://www.nvsos.gov and get yourself registered by FRIDAY OCTOBER 5th.

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