Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast

Episode 6: KaepernickForNV

May 05, 2018

Wild and Free: A Battle Born podcast is a podcast that serves as a platform for non-profit professionals, social justice activists and community driven artists that are trying to make a difference in the Southern Nevada community. We will talk about the issues that matter and will motivate our fellow community members to get involved.

In this episode, your hosts tackle a variety of local and national issues with the goal of helping our listeners be more informed about what is going on, while listening to our (probably) terrible jokes. From the Clark County District Attorney Race, to a certain rapper losing his mind on twitter, you will find most (if not all) of the things you need to know on this episode.

We wish this episode would have been sponsored by Mothership Coffee Roasters in Henderson, but its not. Alison had a pretty physical reaction to the goods at Mothership, which some people heard on our instagram. For those that missed it, we at least recap which pastries we enjoyed on this episode. Go for the coffee, but stay for the pastries at this fine local establishment. Please remember to rate and review us on iTunes or any other podcatcher you may use to listen to our show. We will be forever in your debt.