Wild Success

Wild Success

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Just another broken image
December 06, 2019

Sometimes people fail to recognise us because the already have an image they are comparing us to ,sometimes its our past ,sometimes its their expectations .whatever the case dont let that pull you down or anger you

I won't give up on you
February 01, 2019


January 30, 2019

And so I gave up honoring my emotions because I was tired of acting victim,tired of pushing people away who really want me because of people who don't want me .You have to stop having an emotional reaction to everything .Stop being emotional.

It's time to move on
January 28, 2019

Somethings have got to come to an end .If ever we need progress we just need to tell ourselves it's time up.Depression stops today ,being unappreaciate ,procrastination,listening to people who pull you down ,waiting for people to validate you .EVERYTHING