WIFA Waves

WIFA Waves

WIFA Waves Episode 46 | Do I Have What it Takes to Buy a Business?

February 18, 2022

On episode 46 of WIFA Waves, Lindsey is joined by Elizabeth Kramer. Elizabeth is the owner of NW Women’s Fitness and a member of the FitLife Board of Directors. She is a talented corporate leader, a shrewd investor, and impassioned mentor, and a huge advocate for work-life balance.


Elizabeth believes her purpose is to empower and inspire women to achieve their greatest potential, and in this episode, she generously shares her experience and insights on buying a business versus starting your own business (it was more doable than she thought!), and tips to set yourself up for success.


If you have a need or feel like you're in the position to consider buying a business, you can get some executive level coaching from Elizabeth here.


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