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Our Favorite Cleaning Products! Selfie, Episode 54
October 17, 2018

In this episode we are talking about our very favorite cleaning products for our homes, with an emphasis on non-toxic products, products that are easy for adults AND kids to use, and products that reduce waste. Kitchen: Mrs.

The Tricky Case of Stormy Daniels & Why It Matters: WhyPartisan, Episode 11
March 12, 2018

Trump had an affair with a porn star and allegedly paid her off during his election to stay quiet. Does it matter? We talk about all of the implications. We also discuss the recent case of a Congolese family seeking asylum and a 7-year-old being separa...

The White House On Fire: WhyPartisan, Episode 10
March 06, 2018

We’re talking about the mass exodus on white house staffers, the ongoing drama and revelations in the Russia probe, the continued revelations of lies, and those problematic quotes from Nunburg. Here’s that list of staffers who have either been fired or...

Is Trump A “Stable Genius?” Did he prevent aviation deaths in 2017? Is the DOJ a “Deep State?” Did Bannon “lose his mind?”: WhyPartisan, Episode 09
January 07, 2018

A big week in the claims of President Trump. Is he a “stable genius?” Did Steve Bannon “lose his mind?” Is he to be praised that there were zero aviation deaths in 2017? Is his nuclear button “bigger” than that of Kim Jong-un?

Do Trump’s Accusers Matter? A Candidate Wants Slavery To Return, Israel, And Wedding Cakes: WhyPartisan, Episode 08
December 11, 2017

As women continue to speak up, we review the latest in the sex abuse allegations in the political arena, and how it relates to our nation. Also, allegations of pedophilia, a vision to bring back slavery and restrict women’s voting rights,

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty & What’s With This New Tax Bill?: WhyPartisan, Episode 07
December 04, 2017

Russia hacking into the election, obstruction of justice, collusion — no matter what one thinks, we now have a guilty plea from one of Trump’s own staff. With Flynn now cooperating with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel,

Paul Is Running For U.S Congress And Kristen Has Questions!: WhyPartisan, Episode 06
November 26, 2017

Paul’s run for U.S. House of Representatives! And Kristen has lots of questions about it! In this episode, Paul lays out his vision as a “raging centrist” Republican and why he’s running against a highly unpopular 15-term Republican who refers to both ...

Roy Moore, Al Franken and the Biased Reactions to Allegations: WhyPartisan, Episode 05
November 21, 2017

This week, sexual allegations brought forth against politicians Roy Moore and Al Franken and how our political allegiance may color our reactions to such scenarios. We discuss Trump’s reaction to Franken and his corresponding silence around Moore.

Reza Aslan on Trump, the Religious Right, and Muslim Bias: WhyPartisan, Episode 04
November 14, 2017

New York Times bestselling author and host of CNN’s “Believer,” Reza Aslan doesn’t shy away from his views on politics and faith. As a professor of religion and years growing up as a Muslim American, he brings a challenging perspective on the American ...

Indictments in the Russia Probe, Terror in NYC, Transgender Ban Fails, Christian College Boots Trump Critic: WhyPartisan, Episode 03
November 06, 2017

Indictments intensify in Trump-Russia probe, NYC terror attacker who was “radicalized” in the U.S., the miltary transgender ban is overturned by courts, and Liberty University boots a theologian and Trump critic. Friends and politics junkies,