Why Are Dads?

Why Are Dads?

BONUS EPISODE: Saved by the Bell [Patreon episode]

November 22, 2020

This is the latest installment of our Patreon-only chats that we wanted to share with y'all because it's the Sunday before Covid Thanksgiving and things are weird!

You could probably use a little Bayside in your life, so here we are. If this is the sort of things that appeals to y'all, we have weekly conversations about odds and ends over at our Patreon account. We call these chats "Shootin' the Shit w. Why Are Dads".

This week we talked Zack Morris, Richard Belding, and the many dad issues that can be found in the Saved By the Bell universe. Specifically, we talk about the episodes Rent-a-Pop and A Tale of Two Beldings.

We recorded this a while back, back before we knew what sort of format Why Are Dads would stick to. The only thing I wish, in retrospect, is that I [Alex] didn't refer to Dustin Diamond as "off the rails". Child stardom is fucked up and kinda (and sometimes very) abusive! On that note, you should totally watch Showbiz Kids, Alex Winter's HBO documentary on child stardom.

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