Why Do We...

Why Do We...

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Ep 5: Why Do We Respond the Way We Do to a Pandemic?
March 20, 2020

We are living through an unprecedented time. Facing a global pandemic, many of us have been struck by unknown waves of worry, shock, and sadness. In this period of uncertainty, social distancing, and increased isolation, we may feel alone and afraid.

Ep 4: Why Do We Feel Happier When We’re Grateful?
November 28, 2019

Scientific studies are increasingly showing just how good gratitude is for our mental and physical health. In this episode of Why Do We, we explore the many magical ways we can benefit from practicing more thankfulness as well as some techniques for co...

Ep 2: Why Do We Listen to Our Inner Critic?
June 16, 2018

Most of us can relate to having a nagging, nitpicking, negative voice in our heads that feeds us an endless stream of commentary and bad advice. In this episode, we interview Dr. Lisa Firestone about this critical inner voice.

Bonus Episode: Steps of Voice Therapy
June 15, 2018

In this bonus episode, Dr. Lisa Firestone walks us through the five steps of Voice Therapy, a theory developed by her father Dr. Robert Firestone. Then, you will hear audio from a real person going through the steps of Voice Therapy with Dr.

Ep 3: Why Do We Feel Attracted to Rejection?
June 13, 2018

When we feel rejected, we often turn against ourselves, and begin to believe that the only person who can make us feel okay again is the very person who has rejected us. We may believe that getting back that person back is the only thing that will make...

Ep 1: Why Do We Push and Pull in Our Relationships?
March 17, 2018

Most couples can relate to the dynamic of one person wanting more closeness and the other needing more space. Psychologists often refer to this as the Pursuer/Distancer Dynamic. Recent research has shown that couples stuck in this mode are actually at ...