Wholly Jewish

Wholly Jewish

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Noa: The Beauty of Taking Up Space
October 20, 2020

With Noa Baron

Denis: Coming Out and Showing Up
October 06, 2020

With Denis Victorovich Kurmanov

Dara: From Parliament to the Bimah
September 15, 2020

With Rabbi Dara Lithwick

J: Breaking Down the Gates of Queer Judaism
September 01, 2020

Being queer and Jewish means something different to everyone, and those differences deserve to be celebrated. This week, J Collins (they/them) talks about being a Jewish storyteller and teacher; their connection, as a Jew-by-choice, to Rabbi Akiva’s...

Laura: Creating Peace Out of Wholeness
August 18, 2020

With Cantor Laura Stein

Max Antman: The Queerness and Politics of Torah
August 11, 2020

With Max Antman

Caroline: Forming a Sacred Queer Community
July 21, 2020

With Caroline Dorn

Leonard: Creating Seats at the Queer Jewish Table
July 07, 2020

With Leonard Slutsky

Mo: Standing in the Closet Doorway
June 16, 2020

With Morgan (Mo) Selkirk

The Secret to Eliana's Fabulous Hair
June 12, 2020

With Eliana Rubin