Who Invited Her?

Who Invited Her?

131 Vivvi the Force

June 24, 2020

This week local San Diego drag queen, Vivvi the Force, joins us for a live recording on YouTube! Vivvi tells us all about the new store she is opening up in North Park, Whips N Furs, a resource for theatrical quality make up and costume accessories! We also discuss her drag style, Black Lives Matter and some suggested changes for Hillcrest.  What are your thoughts on the updated Pride flag? And what would your orgasm smell like.. as a candle?

Our closing song is folk singer-songwriter, Grace Petrie, from the UK and her song "Pride." If you are not familiar with her, check out her album "Queer as Folk": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgkoxnPnUOQ

Theme music: "Around the Bend" by Evan Schaeffer http://soundcloud.com/evanschaeffer.