Who Invited Her?

Who Invited Her?

088 Cut Me A Slice

July 31, 2019

Miss Megs is back this week. We catch up with all her shenanigans, and we play a very revealing round of "Getting to Know You." We talk about our new post-pride diet and how awesome Stacy's mom was at Pride. Tony and Megs recap Handmaid's Tale - shit is getting good! How did we all lose the V. OK Cupid ad for Tony's Carol this week. We finish it off with the listeners' "Worst of the Worst". Oohhh and Robbie is back. We hear what makes him go uhhh. The band this week is a local San Diego favorite, Blink 182 "Darkside."

Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan Schaeffer  http://soundcloud.com/evanschaeffer.


Tony's Click this week is the very funny, awesome, must-watch show on TBS, "The Guest Book." Best show on TV! https://www.tbs.com/shows/the-guest-book
Bash's Click this week is the Netflix show, "Blown Away." See what gets blown and it ain't anyone on this show lol https://www.netflix.com/title/80215147
Megan's Click this week is the event of the year here in SD, The Red Dress Party. It's an amazing cause and a fun night! https://reddresspartysd.com