Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast

Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast

Latest Episodes

B059 The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
October 03, 2019

Three Classic Doctors execute an elaborate plan to infiltrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

N103 The Day of the Doctor
September 29, 2019

The Tenth, Eleventh and War Doctor battle Daleks, smooch a Zygon and seemingly prove that the gun is mightier than the pen in this glorious Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

B058 The Night of the Doctor
September 22, 2019

The Eighth Doctor drinks a venti of warrior juice and canonises the Big Finish adventures

N102 The Name of the Doctor
September 15, 2019

The Great Intelligence employs those chaps from Buffy and a Back-To-The-Future letter to lure The Doctor to Trenzalore

C090 Robots of Death
September 08, 2019

Robot Ood and a plethora of silly hats — this legendary serial ticks all the boxes!

N100 The Crimson Horror
August 18, 2019

Doc investigates trouble at mill and gets marinated by a prehistoric leech in a Yorkshire red light district

C088 The Deadly Assassin
August 11, 2019

Gallifreyan CIA Agents force The Doctor to enter The Matrix where Skeletor is ready to ambush him in a quarry

N099 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
August 04, 2019

Time Zombies, a not-quite-paranoid-enough android and a big friendly button

C087 The Hand of Fear
July 28, 2019

Thing T. Thing sports mind-bending bling, leading to the dramatic exit of companion Sarah Jane Smith

C086 The Masque of Mandragora
July 21, 2019

It's Italian Hamlet with sprinkles of The Daemons and a strange, hay-bearing lake