Who Are These Startups

Who Are These Startups

Boosting Supply Chain Resiliency: Hanyin Chen of ASKaFOX Unveils AI-Powered Solutions

May 24, 2023

In this episode of “Who Are These Startups,” the Startup Coach sits down with Hanyin Chen, the CEO and Co-Founder of ASKaFOX. ASKaFOX is on a mission to enhance worldwide manufacturers’ supply chain resiliency through the power of AI. Hanyin explains how they provide manufacturers with contingency plans during supply disruptions, offering fast and reliable solutions. Using NLP, ASKaFOX enables efficient supplier discovery, matching customer queries with the best possible data points. They also employ an Uber-like in-factory auditing service to validate potential suppliers from an industrial perspective. Tune in to learn how ASKaFOX revolutionizes manufacturing partnerships and eliminates the need for exhaustive Google searches, trade shows, and extensive business travel.


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