Who Are These Startups

Who Are These Startups

InStage – Who Are These Startups

February 25, 2022

Who Are These Startups, this episode features InStage co-founder Imran Mouna. This 10 minute rapid fire conversations with founders where you get to know just who are these startups.
Who Are These Startups at WhoAreTheseStartups.com

InStage – https://www.instagepractice.com/

Discussion includes:

InStage Startup Story
What Drives Imran as an Entrepreneur
How Imran defines success

InStage Business Model
  • B2B and B2C

Funding Situation
  • Bootstrapped
  • Grants
  • Pitch Circuit
  • Customer Pay

Biggest Learning
  • Get the Product Out Early
  • Talk to Customers Using the Product and Listen
  • “If you are Trying to serve your customers you should be listening to them”

Lesson Pitching Your Startup
  • Keep it Simple
  • Stop Telling How Great Your Company is and start talking about how you can help people

Favourite Productivity Hack

Canadian Startup Resources

Tips for Founders
  • Keep Each Other Motivated

Books for Founders
  • Pitch Decks Founders Should Read Steam and Netflix

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