Who Are These Investors

Who Are These Investors

Michael Hyatt – Who Are These Investors

February 15, 2022

Welcome to Who Are These Investors, This episode features Michael Hyatt a very active investor and serial entrepreneur, built and sold a number of companies, one of the founding partners of Creative Destruction Labs, is senior advisor to NorthLeaf Capital, and much more. Listen to this 10 min rapid fire conversations where you get to know just who are these investors. Questions include.

  1. What is the stage you invest and the average size of investments?

  2. How many investments have you/your firm made over the years? (if a fund, how many funds have you raised?)

  3. What is your preferred exit timeline?

  4. What are some of the things you/your firm does to support the companies you invest in?

  5. If you are a VC, is your capital fully deployed, or are you still looking for investments?

  6. Do they like to lead an investment round, or join existing rounds?

  7. Are there any terms your require when investing (IE – liquidity provisions, board seat, etc)

  8. What is a red flag for you when a startup is pitching or negotiating?

  9. What one thing do you like to see in a pitch that you don’t very often?

  10. What do you wish more founders understood before negotiating investment terms?

  11. What do you look for in a startup?

  12. When should startups reach out to you?

  13. One book every entrepreneur should read before talking to investors?

  14. Best cold outreach technique you have seen by startups?


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