License To Spend

License To Spend

Creating the First Draft of Your Retirement Potential (Ep. 44)

August 16, 2023

You’ve talked with your financial advisor and shared your assets and financials. Now is the time for your advisor to transform that information into the first draft of your retirement plan.

In this episode, Tim Whisler dives into the second retirement planning discussion with clients, putting together the information given. He shares the strategies and technology used to build a retirement plan and analyzes various aspects of their financial details, including underperforming funds, market volatility, tax liability, and healthcare expenses.

Tim discusses:

  • The importance of transparency from the clients when it comes to their financial situation
  • How he uses the Retirement Analyzer to help create a first draft of the retirement plan and test it against future outcomes
  • The impact of health care and social security on the stability of the retirement plan
  • Why clients should treat their retirement plan as a living document to be reviewed and updated consistently
  • And more! 

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