Whisler While You Retire

Whisler While You Retire

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Deep Diving Into Roth IRAs (Ep.41)
November 30, 2022

It is no secret that Roth IRAs are popular. How much have you heard? How deep into the information have you considered when thinking about including Roth IRA accounts in your retirement plan? In this

Land As Your Legacy Program For Farmers With Lisa Quist NFM-22448AO (10/22) (Ep.40)
October 19, 2022

One of the most significant challenges that farmers and ranchers face is having a transition planning program in place. In this episode Tim Whisler chats with Lisa Quist, Regional Vice President of N

Becoming A Caregiver with Cathy Sikorski (Ep.39)
September 29, 2022

Preparing to become a caregiver means more than physically caring for a loved one; preparing for the future is just as important as preparing for the present. In this episode, Tim Whisler is joined by

Planning For Taxes And Retirement (Ep.38)
September 01, 2022

Retirement planning is ever changing, from government planning to your neighbours opinions. What are the considerations of retirement planning from a financial advisors perspective? In this episode,

Preparing Your Financial Plan After Market Volatility (Ep.37)
July 27, 2022

During the first six months of 2022, the S&P 500 experienced the worst decrease since 1970. With many mentally prepared for a recession or a depression, it is essential to understand what is currently

How To Confidently Hire A Financial Advisor (Ep.36)
June 22, 2022

Before hiring a financial advisor and handing over control of years worth of savings, questions should be asked by both involved parties. In this episode, Tim Whisler dives into how he helps potentia

Balancing The See-Saw Of Investment Planning (Ep.35)
June 09, 2022

Traditionally portfolios balance aggressive investments with bonds after retirement. The reality has both investment options on one side of the investment see-saw. In this episode, Tim Whisler dives i

Avoiding The Down While Earning The Up with Laurence Black (Ep. 34)
April 20, 2022

Buy low, sell high is a phrase often used. What about learning how to avoid the down while earning on the up? In this episode, Tim Whisler is joined by Laurence Black, founder and index advisor at Th

It’s All About Who You Know with Jeremy Houser (Ep. 33)
April 06, 2022

In any industry, its not just about what you know. Its about who you know. In this episode, Tim Whisler is joined by Jeremy Houser, vice president and senior advisor development consultant at InsurM

32. Retirement Planning in 2022
March 23, 2022

The U.S. Federal Reserve continues to remain uncertain in the early months of 2022. Because of this, for those in or entering retirement, planning for the future is more important than ever. In this