Whisky & Commerce with Laura Doonin

Whisky & Commerce with Laura Doonin

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Whisky & Commerce Episode 10 • Michael Fox from Fable Food
April 08, 2020

Michael Fox CEO of new plant based protein company Fable , ex Co-founder of Shoes of Prey shares insights into being an entrepreneur and living on purpose over a single malt whisky.

10 minute stillness meditation
March 25, 2020

10 minute stillness meditation

Whisky & Commerce Episode 10 • Shannon Ingrey, VP & GM of APAC at BigCommerce
November 15, 2019

Shannon Ingrey, VP & GM of APAC at BigCommerce is a young gun sales executive who is championing the underdog mid to enterprise ecommerce platform in the APAC region - BigCommerce. Listen in as Shannon and I discuss, over a single malt whisky, the shift t

Whisky & Commerce Episode 9 • Justin Irvine, Seko Logistics
September 22, 2019

Justin Irvine, Chief Product Officer of Seko Logistics is a down to earth Kiwi bloke looking to keep challenging the status quo from a Customer Experience perspective by creating solutions that are in demand whilst remaining focused on the bottom line.

Whisky & Commerce Episode 8 • Jeremy Meltzer, I Equal Change
August 28, 2019

Jeremy Meltzer, founder of I=Change https://www.iequalchange.com is passionate about impact - turning retail into a force for good and is seriously one of the most sincere people I have met. Listen in as we talk about why we are at a pivotal point in not

Whisky & Commerce Episode 7 • Rhys Furner, Shopify Plus
August 05, 2019

Rhys Furner is Head of Partnership in APAC for Shopify Plus. Rhys is passionate about technology as a tool for entrepreneurship. Listen in as we chat over a single malt whisky, Edradour, about the “new enterprise” retailers that have emerged over the

Whisky & Commerce Episode 6 • Carl Hartmann, Lyres, Hurricane Commerce
June 26, 2019

Carl Hartmann is Australian entrepreneur best known from his work as Co-Founder & CEO of Temando. Listen in as Carl and I discuss retailers selling globally and Carl’s newest venture and launch of a non-alcoholic drinks business called Lyre’s.

Whisky & Commerce Episode 5 • Tink Taylor, DotDigital
May 09, 2019

Tink Taylor, Founder and President of DotDigital, an AIM listed company with offices around the globe, joins me for a wee chat. Listen in as we talk entrepreneurship, the new world of marketing automation and opportunities for Australian retailers.

Whisky & Commerce Episode 4 • Julie Mathers, Flora and Fauna
April 07, 2019

Julie Mathers, retail veteran and founder of Flora and Fauna joins me for a wee chat. Listen in as we talk entrepreneurship, survival for a multi-brand retailer and ethical business practice.

Whisky & Commerce Episode 3 • Benny Wallington, 101 Tokens
March 12, 2019

Founder@ 101 Tokens Benny Wallington, joins me for a Glengoyne single malt whisky. Listen in as we chat about how he is redesigning corporate drinking culture and how this conversation is so much greater than just limiting our alcohol intake.