Which Game First: A Board Game Podcast

Which Game First: A Board Game Podcast

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Yummy Yummy Pancake | Ecos: First Continent | Switch 16
January 08, 2020

First up we try to keep our early morning memory sharp as we flip for Yummy Yummy PancakeNext we become a force of nature to shape the world and all its creatures in ECOS: First ContinentAnd lastly we pitch the dice to ditch our deck in Switch 16 Segme...

Look Out Behind You! The Best Backstab Games of All Time!
December 30, 2019

PAX Unplugged Panel – December 2019 What are “backstab” games? The panel reviews the features and mechanics of games which put them in the “backstab” category. The panel will also delve in to the people at the game table,

Steam Park | Wordsmith | Oodles
December 19, 2019

First up we entice our tireless robotic employees to gear up for thrills in Steam Park!Next we frantically race to build up our vocabulary… literally in Wordsmith!And lastly we see what the buzz is about as we lock down the answers in Oodles!

Time Marches on! The History of War Games – Part 2
December 14, 2019

Wargaming goes big business as we move into the 20th century to cover the modern era of war board games.Co-hosts Joe Unfried and Ed Povilitis talk about the origins of the most popular war board games of the 1900’s and how wargaming broke through the l...

Hex Hex XL | The 7th Continent | ShowBiz Shuffle
December 07, 2019

First up the evil eyes fly, as we try to dodge the curse hot potato style in Hex Hex XLNext we explore together seeking new discoveries as we scour the forbidding lands of The 7th ContinentAnd lastly, we scramble to bring our movies in ontime and on bu...

Side Quest – The Pitter Patter of Tiny Dice
December 05, 2019

WGF host Celeste DeAngelis speaks with Christina Rouse from the wildly popular gaming podcast Blue Peg Pink Peg.  Celeste and Christina are both mom’s with aspiring young gamers at home.  They talk about about the fun of introducing the next generation...

Food Truck Champion | Age of Steam | In a Pickle
December 01, 2019

First up we fire the fast fryer and speed our way to becoming the most popular provender provider in Food Truck ChampionNext we’re cut throat pioneers blazing an iron trail across the plains in Age of SteamAnd lastly the metaphors fly as we squeeze big...

Side Quest – The Maury Game: You are NOT the Father
November 26, 2019

The panel separates the maybe-daddies from the baby-daddies as they play an advanced copy of The Maury Game: You are NOT the Father.

Wordical | Detective | Songburst
November 24, 2019

First up we R A C E to M A K E words the F A S T E S T in Wordical Next we mind map our way to solving crimes in Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game And lastly we struggle to remember that Lyric that’s right on the tip of our tongue […]

Side Quest: History of Wargames – Part 1
November 21, 2019

Wargames what are they good for?  Perhaps tactical supremacy for an entire century.  Learn how war board gaming got its start among soldiers and generals of a bygone era and what it meant for their nation.