When Everything Goes Wrong

When Everything Goes Wrong

How Do You Keep Your Kids Alive

May 26, 2022
How Do You Keep Your Kids Alive

How do we keep our kids alive? That is the question on every parents mind who sends their kids off to school every day. Uvalde Texas suffered the worst public scool active shooter event since Sandy Hook Elementary. As each one of these events do, it has been a tough week for many of us.

This killing was the work of someone with evil intent. Parents send their children to school thinking that they will be fine and come home to them safely. Many have confidence that the school is a safe place. We pay taxes, and the state has implemented so many safety measures to ensure our children’s safety.

Except those safety measures failed Uvalde Texas. 

They failed us all. I’ll also go as far to say, we haven’t made any real changes to how we practice these safety measures since Sandy Hook. There is something very wrong with this. So again, how do we keep our kids alive? I need you to hear this very clearly. Your kids count on you to teach them and protect them. Not their schools, not their teachers, not the police, and not the state regulations and government mandates.


So, talk to them. Speak to them, age appropriate of course, but as an adult as much as possible. Some don’t want to talk about it. Some don’t even like to think about school shootings and violence. I understand. These are horrible subjects. But, your kids are counting on you. As a matter of fact, their life may very well depend on it.


Talk about the concept of the danger they may face. Talk to them if they already know about someone they worry about. Talk to them about a plan.

  • What are the school’s plans?
  • Does their teacher have a plan?
  • Have they talked to their friends about these things?
  • Do you have a family plan for these things?

I’ll say this out right. I believe the standard shelter in place policy is wrong. It gets children and teachers killed. It will take time, and too much time, for a school system to change their policy. If they do at all.

So, this is step one. How do we keep our kids alive? 

Talk to them. They are worth it.