What's Your Story - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO)

What's Your Story - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO)

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#093 - De l'homodeus au COVID en passant par le projet Neuralink d'Elon Musk : quels rapports pour Anis Bedda ? (FR)
August 04, 2020

Anis Bedda est un citoyen qui a fui, en son temps, la dictature de son pays pour venir vivre chez nous en quĂȘte de dĂ©mocratie et du droit de pouvoir s'exprimer librement. S'il nous partage ses crainte

#092 - Hugo Hoffmeister Filho | Using skateboard as an educational tool to inspire , transform and change lifes (ENG)
May 28, 2020

We interviewed Hugo Hoffmeister, founder of SK8ROOTS,a project in Iceland with free skate lessons for kids, teenagers and young people with special needs.

#091 - Robert Roselli | Conspiracy Expert and Corona Crisis (ENG)
April 05, 2020

We had an interview with Robert Roselli, a Conspiracy expert from the United States. We talk about the Corona crisis, that the world is experiencing at this moment and how Trump and his delegation are

Joni Bovill | How to get away with murder and big families (ENG)
April 03, 2020

We talk to Joni Bovill, about growing up in a big family of 12 children and her growth into an acting career.

KiVo | Bad Chick and stealing snacks from Madonnica (ENG)
November 13, 2018

About 2 years ago, we interviewed this amazing woman, with a poppy sound and crazy about unicorns. What has happened to the innocense of KiVo? We try and find out!

Adi Nouriel | Getting women into High Tech (ENG)
November 12, 2018

Adi Nouriel talks about her past experiences and how her experience in technology inspired her to get women into High Tech. Her classes make you quickly realize, you can go further than you have ever

Ed Asner | Changes in show business with disruption of Netflix, Amazon and Youtube (ENG)
October 24, 2018

I had an interview with 88 year old Ed Asner while he was touring the States for his one man show "A man and his prostate". Ed is an American actor who won several Emmys and the Lifetime Achievement A

Trine Christensen | From stunts to running butt naked after Jeff Daniels (ENG)
October 20, 2018

Trine Christensen grew up in Denmark, but moved to LA to become an actress. From doing stunts, to running butt naked after Jeff Daniels in Godless, overcoming her fears is a challenge she loves to tak

Audrey Walters | From Pancake Mom to Madame in Big Kill (ENG)
October 20, 2018

We had a lovely chat with Audrey Walters, talking about the stay at home mom who became an actress. With lots of giggles and laughs, this is an interview I really enjoyed doing!

Ali Agirnas | From Godless to Space Force (ENG)
October 15, 2018

Ali Agirnas was born in Turkey, and ended up in the States. We're talking about his acting, a little politics, but also his future plans. We discover some good advice from Jeff Daniels.