What's with the Pineapple?

What's with the Pineapple?

Ep. 21 - Capitol Prime

May 12, 2023

Today’s What’s with the Pineapple podcast episode is a special edition as we record in-house for the first time during the MRLA’s annual Capitol Day (que the airhorn) and serve up four different interviews. Unfortunately, or more likely fortunately for most, Justin and Emily skip over the standard segments to instead talk with guests throughout the day about their meetings with legislators, their priorities to protect our industry, and other important topics like New Orleans compared to Pure Michigan and our favorite wing sauces.

Guest lineup:

  • Quentin Messer, CEO of Michigan Economic Development Corporation (1:55)
  • Peter Beukema, CEO & Co-Founder, 6PM Hospitality Partners (17:15)
  • Jean Lanfear, Vice President of Human Resources, Patton Wings (29:50)
  • Billy Downs, Franchise Partner, Ford’s Garage & MRLA Board Chairman (36:25)

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