What’s UP with The Culture?!

What’s UP with The Culture?!

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EP 25: Whats Up W/ The Not So Private Podcast?! Mash up Edition PT.2
March 12, 2021

Rolin Continues his conversation he had with Mia & Jeanne The Host of the "The Not So Private" podcast. The continue to discuss Black History Month as well as Motivating and inspiring people with lessons and advice! Come continue to listen to this MAS

EP. 24: What’s UP w/ The Not so Private Podcast?! MASHUP! W/Mia &Jeanne
February 26, 2021

In this Podcast Rolin returns back but this time it is a conversation with The Not So Private Podcast host Mia and Jeanne. They discuss topics such as BLACK HISTORY MONTH, snow storm, hurricanes, climate change, and they share great stories to inspire p

Ep.23: What’s UP W/ Lake Charles?! W/ Rolin Piper
September 06, 2020

In this podcast, Rolin talks about “the greatest city on Earth!” Lake Charles. He also talks about the Economic Boom that was happening as well as highlights the culture or the city. This podcast is dedicated to the people of his hometown Lake Charles, to

EP.22: What’s Up w/ Grief?! W/ Pastor Ronaldo Hardy
August 13, 2020

In this Podcast, Rolin sits down with Pastor Ronaldo Hardy (ALL NATIONS New Orleans & Baton Rouge) as they discuss grief and the recovery process towards healing as well as discussions around faith and Jesus. Come take a listen...

Ep. 21: What’s Up w/ The Hip Hop & Music Culture?! W/ Ian Piper, Jazz Bandito & Andre Lovely
August 04, 2020

In this Podcast, Rolin sits down with Ian, Andre and Jazz Bandito to discuss different topics regarding Hip Hop & the culture of it, Top Producers & Rappers in the game today, Kanye West, Top 5 albums and etc... Come take a Listen

Ep.20: What’s Up W/ The NFL & a side of NBA?! W/ Norman Locke & Justin Spruel
July 26, 2020

In this Podcast, Rolin sits down with Norman Locke (ESPN Radio host 1420am) & Justin Spruel (Sports and football fanatic) to y’all about Cam Newton on patriots, Best wideouts in the game, Colin Kapernick, NFL season, and the NBA Bubble. Come take a listen

Ep. 19: Whats UP w/ LIFE INSURANCE?! w/ Kurt Coleman & Trey Ardoin
July 17, 2020

In this Podcast,  Rolin starts the conversation about Life insurance and invites Kurt Coleman and Trey Ardoin of Farm Bureau Insurance to discuss different topics and questions around this... come take a listen

Ep. 18: What’s UP W/ Beating COVID-19?!! W/ Ronald “Mike” Piper
July 03, 2020

In this Podcast Rolin sits down with His Oldest Brother Mike Piper (COVID-19 Survivor) and they sit down to talk about overcoming COVID-19, kickbacks, process, protest, being a summit winner from Cricket and At&t and having a strong support system! Come t

Ep. 17: What’s UP w/ Being a Music Director?! W/ James (J’ Ant) Anderson
June 22, 2020

In this Podcast, Rolin sits down with James Anderson who is a Gospel Producer, songwriter, MD to Todd Dulaney and also has experience with John P Kee, Tamela Mann, Jonathan McReynolds as well as being Nord Artist of the Month etc... Come listen as they ta

Ep 16: What’s UP w/ Racism?! Hosted by w/ Cary C, Duke and Shannon W.
June 10, 2020

In this Podcast. Rolin sits down with Cary C (founder of Cary Chavis Angency PR), Duke ( Manager Henderson ATVS BOATS AND ETC...) and Shannon W. (Waters Edge Band and Twitch TV guru!(lol)) This Panel is made up of 2 white humans and 2 black humans. So Wha