What's SNHU?

What's SNHU?

Latest Episodes

Ep 4 - "Building Bridges and Filling our Bellies"
April 12, 2019

Find good eats with our food critics Nick Ricci and Frank Chin, hear from athlete Kristin Wilder, and sit in on a talk about fitting in at SNHU as an international student.

Episode 3 - "Gotta Keep These Kids Woke"
March 15, 2019

SGA President Sina Tupouniua has the scoop on SNHU's new Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, Rosa and Jaime talk to Jay Tifone about NH's new bill to legalize marijuana, and Eli talks to Jon "JB" Boroshok, Josh "Professor Play-DOH" Harwood, and Steve Bouc

Episode 2 - "More than Fun and Games"
February 22, 2019

On episode 2 of "What's SNHU?", hear from the players in SNHU's eSports teams about what it's like to play video games like its a part-time job, check in with Karen Pinkos, head coach of the women's basketball team, and we chat about the trailer for the H

Episode 1 - "'SNHU' Beginnings"
February 06, 2019

IT'S FINALLY HERE! In this first episode of "What's SNHU?" we talk about the recent Boston Women's March, Smash Bros. mains, and a SURPRISE for those who make it through the episode.Let us know what you think at penmenpress@snhu.edu. Thanks!

Trailer - What's SNHU? Launching Feb 6
January 27, 2019

Launching February 6, a new way to enjoy The Penmen Press! Subscribe to hear the first episode RIGHT when it comes out!