What's Flynn's Passion?

What's Flynn's Passion?

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Ep. 7 - Jack Sullivan, Guitarist for Cold Moon
May 22, 2019

Jack Sullivan is the lead singer and guitarist for Oakland rock band, Cold Moon. Cold Moon is post-rock, emo and indie rock inspired four piece comprised of members from of Set Your Goals and The Story So Far. Jack and I discuss his early exposure to...

Ep. 6 - Victor Vera, Crucible Radio
April 11, 2019

Victor Vera is the Community Manager and Event Lead for Crucible Radio, a popular podcast dedicated discussing Destiny 2, an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game. Crucible Radio covers strategies, tips, map guides, and more. Vic and I...

Ep. 5 - William McDaniels, Photography
March 19, 2019

William McDaniels is a Bay Area based photographer who has traveled around the world following his passion. He's taken photos in Cuba, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, throughout Northern California and many other places. Throughout the episode, Will...

Ep. 4 - Nina Idzerda, Hip Hop Dancer
March 05, 2019

Nina Idzerda is hip hop dancer and member of Groove Generation, an all female dance company part of the In the Groove Studios family. But not only is Nina constantly making jaws drop on stage, she's also kicking ass in her architecture career as...

Ep. 3 - Stan Berrin, Adventure Traveler
February 14, 2019

Stan Berrin is a business development manager at Rustic Pathways, a travel adventure company for high school and college students. But before Stan was helping introduce students to new cultures, he traveled the world for an entire year. Stan and I...

Ep. 1 - Mike Goldberg, Entrepreneur
January 31, 2019

Mike Goldberg is an entrepreneur, digital marketer and founder of StorkStand, the most flexible and affordable standing desks for health conscious professionals and teams. Mike and I talk about his dad's influence on his entrepreneurship and how he...

Ep. 2 - Anna Costello, Professional Gardener
January 31, 2019

Anna Costello is a professional gardener specializing in garden design and maintenance. Anna has more than a decade of experience in the gardening industry and has spent the past five years honing her gardening and design skills, and voraciously...

What's Flynn's Passion - Trailer
January 31, 2019

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