What Are We Even Doing Here?

What Are We Even Doing Here?

Lordship Salvation with Theocast’s Jon Moffitt

May 12, 2022

On this episode I had the honor to talk with Pastor Jon Moffitt from the podcast Theocast. We talk about him and his show, as well as the sometimes-controversial topic of Lordship salvation. Please take a listen and hear his explanation of this subject, and why we must look to Christ for our salvation and not how well we follow Him.

Also, I mention on this episode that I am starting at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, PA this summer. I can really use your prayers in getting through the next few years while balancing family, work, and now school. My goal is to eventually plant reformed churches wherever God leads. This process is also a financial commitment. The seminary has granted me a matching scholarship where they match donations up to a certain amount. On the episode I may have wrongly said they match the total amount given. I did not mean to be misleading.

I am asking if you would also consider partnering with me in this mission to gain proper biblical training and receive the tools to study, teach, and preach the Scriptures so many can hear the Gospel and be saved and encouraged by the Word of God. Please don’t take away from your family or church giving.

I have placed a link below where you can give directly to the seminary into my account. I thank you now for your prayers and support.

Theocast http://theocast.org

Christian Podcast Community http://christianpodcastcommunity.org

Grace Reformed Church https://gracereformed.org/






If you would like to help with seminary costs. http://dupdike.wtstuition.com