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EP21 He's Not Lazy

August 25, 2022

We don’t talk about the difficulties around raising teenagers enough. This is probably one of the most difficult stages of your child’s life, especially in this new era of technological advancements and constant major world events. 

If teenage existential crises weren’t intense on their own, tack on a pandemic and a looming apocalypse, it’s safe to say parents of teenagers have their hands full. Goodluck trying to get your teen to care about the future if they feel like there won’t be one. 

Also, between boys and girls, it perceived that the boys care less, or to be more precise, lazier. Is it actually true that boys are lazier than girls, and why do we think this?

On today’s episode we have invited clinical psychologist Dr. Adam Price who has studied psychology for 30 years while working primarily with teenagers and their parents. He is also the author of ‘He’s Not Lazy’. So naturally, he is the best person to speak to on the subject of why teenage boys are lazy, and how to get them motivated for their futures.

We dig deep into the neurological, social, and emotional functions of teenagers to understand why they behave the way they do, and what parents can do to build better connections with their teenagers. By knowing how to communicate effectively, and knowing when to set boundaries to help their teen.

This episode is full of practical advice you can use today. Be sure to listen in!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Adam’s motivation to write his book about unmotivated teenage boys
  • What giving autonomy really means
  • How to practice planning with kids
  • Why do boys seem to be more unmotivated?
  • What is the paradoxical response of boys when it comes to school?
  • The importance to allow kids to struggle
  • How setting boundaries can strengthen your relationship with your teenager
  • Do parents need to be on the same page when parenting?
  • Why do teenagers sleep so much?
  • Why are young people not having children?
  • What is the best way to have a conversation with our sons?
  • How do you ask if your child is depressed?

Check out to learn more about Dr. Adam Price’s book and to download his workbook!

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