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Take Notice
June 14, 2019

I noticed how unfocused I was and need to refocus. Just a little snippet of how I discovered it and need to change this. Take notice of your thoughts and realize if they’re impacting your life in a positive or negative way.

A Message with a Twist
March 18, 2019

An episode on how tarot cards helped me realize how much it can help others with assistance from a different perspective. We grow from perspectives.

7 Chakra’s
March 09, 2019

I give you a glimpse on how I keep myself balanced with my 7 Chakras! Enjoy!

The Bird and the Rainbow
March 01, 2019

The Bird and the Rainbow is an interview about how my brother (the bird) came out about being bi-sexual (the rainbow). I hope this episodes inspires individuals to be true to who they are and to not be afraid.

Passion that awakens your Soul!
February 21, 2019

This episode we talked about Passion! Tune in and Let’s inspire your desires!!

February 14, 2019

During the month of love I wanted my listeners to see how important self love is before we start loving others. Weʻll never know how much we deserve from others until we learn to love ourselves.

Letʻs Manifest!
February 09, 2019

Giving individuals my personal tips to law of attraction! Giving examples of how law of attraction in your daily routine can change your lifestyle in the long run with short and long term goals. Hope you enjoy it! P.S. Create!

Welcome! This is just a snipet of what P.S Create Channel will be doing for you!
February 01, 2019

In many of my episodes Ill be sharing personal experiences, motivational talks and showing that growth only happens outside of your comfort zone! So lets grow together!